Appointment of Paul Boraston
Date of Event Frankston Peninsula Cricket Club : Wed Apr 22, 2020 11:15AM

Frankston Peninsula Cricket Club is excited to announce the appointment of Paul Boraston as head coach for the next three seasons.


Paul is a very experienced Premier 1st XI Cricketer with a long and decorated playing career to draw experience from. Since his playing days concluded, Paul transitioned to become a successful senior assistant coach with Dandenong for the last seven years.


Playing highlights for Paul includes the 2006/07 Premiership where he received the John Scholes medal for player of the match after claiming 6/22, along with the 2006/07 T20 Premiership where Paul also received the player of the match medal after claiming 4/24 in the final.


He brings strong intelligence and awareness about the Premier Competition to be able to implement new strategies and methods at FPCC.


In response to his appointment, Paul commented that he is “excited by the challenge this brings and can’t wait to get started. Meeting the players face to face may be some time due to the current situation but I’m looking forward to on-line discussions and training. On-field results can turn quickly and I’m confident of seeing more wins on the board”.


In assessing the playing group, Paul said “the club is very young, and giving opportunities to these young players with talent, and just as importantly, the right attitude, will be a focus. Active recruiting and player retention will also be of high importance over the next few weeks.”


Paul also enforced that “we also want to produce players to play for Victoria, as that is what all players playing Premier should be ultimately striving for”.


Away from cricket, Paul is a highly respected PE Teacher and has a young family with wife Catherine.


The composition of the remainder of the coaching structure will be finalized in close consultation with Paul and announced very soon.


Please join us in welcoming Paul to the Heat!


Paul Boraston Playing Credentials:

  • Debut for Dandenong 1st XI in 1999/00
  • 175 1st XI matches
  • 248 wickets
  • Two-day Premiership in 2006/07
  • T20 Premiership in 2006/07
  • 1st XI Grand Finalist in 2011/12


Paul Boraston Coaching Credentials:

  • Dandenong CC Assistant Coach 2013/14 to 2019/20
  • 4th XI premiership 2015/16
  • 1st XI two-day premiership 2017/18
  • 1st XI one-day premiership 2017/18
  • Senior Coach for 1st XI Superslam T20 premiership 2018/19
  • Senior Coach for 1st XI National T20 Semi-Final 2018/19
  • 4th XI premiership 2019/20

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